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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is critical in today’s competitive environment, failing infrastructure has a direct impact on the organisations ability to generate revenues and more often than not has severe reputational implications for your brand. Simply having a file level backup is not sufficient in the current environment. A key consideration when developing your business continuity strategy is fundamentally the return to operations, that is, in the worst case scenario what tolerances does the organisation have for inaccessible data and systems. Very little, if any, is the most common answer. It is for this reason your backup and disaster recovery solution should be robust, reliable and accessible in the shortest time possible. Unitec offers a hybrid of on premise and private cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions with key benefits that address the most pressing concerns of the modern workplace.

Restoration and verification

Choice is always a positive when dealing with an emergency, Unitec backup and disaster recovery solutions offer various restoration options whether on premise or in the cloud, virtualisation or physical, restoration is simplified. Just as important as backing up your data, is the integrity of data you restore in the event of a disaster. Unitec BDR solutions are fully verified using the latest in verification technology, ensuring each successful backup instance can be restored. Further, regular disaster recovery testing is provided as part of Unitec managed IT services offering.

IT Disaster Recovery Solution by Unitec Africa
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Comprehensive reporting

For peace of mind as well as compliance purposes, Unitec offer comprehensive and centralised reporting and alerting of all of our business continuity solutions, whether on premise or private cloud, which provides assurance that the organisation is prepared should the worst happen.

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