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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Borderless communications

Cloud hosted Private Branch Exchange (Hosted PBX) from Unitec is a ground-breaking business phone system that replaces old-fashioned phone lines and hardware with high-speed broadband internet and a totally virtual infrastructure. Quick-and-easy installation in a matter of days with zero downtime. Save money with no need for expensive upgrades or cumbersome maintenance. Call from anywhere, using your work number from your computer or mobile device. Stay connected, combining multiple offices on one network.


Complete Call-Centre Functionality Optimise your call centre with the feature’s customers want and your employees need to keep things running smoothly whether you have 1 user or 10,000, while saving countless work hours with Intelligent Communications.

Highly Secure Keep your business and client data secure with advanced compliance features such as diversion inhibitors, voice call encryption, inbound call recording and more

Advanced call flow and queuing Go above-and-beyond standard call queuing with advanced configuring available in our self-service portal.

Multiple-devices per user Combine your desk-phone, mobile phone and PC or Mac into one route to make sure you get every single call no matter where you are.

Microsoft-Teams in Johannesburg

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our Microsoft Teams integration seamlessly combines your Hosted PBX with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade video conferencing, extensive call features, collaborative tools and your Office 365 applications for an all-in-one digital workspace that your staff can access from any device.Beautiful and intuitive design makes our platform easy and enjoyable to use. Time-saving integrations allow you to access everything in one place. Quick and easy setup may be completed in a matter of days with zero downtime.

Combining Unitec’s cloud-based phone systems with Teams provides businesses with countless advantages, such as, Make and receive calls directly from Office 365. Stop worrying about multiple devices and gathering information from different sources. Simplify your communications by making calls in the same platform where you take notes, manage other communications, and store business documents. Integrated with Microsoft Office applications Take your collaborations beyond video calls with a custom team workspace that includes Shift scheduling, live messaging, document sharing, presentations and additional app integrations. Speak with us to discuss your business communication needs today!

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