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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Allow us to proactively manage your IT infrastructure with 360 degree visibility..


Since 2009, Unitec has been perfecting its infrastructure management offering. Today, Unitec Centralized Services provides our clients with access to 24/7 monitoring and alerting by some of the best skilled professionals in the industry. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians can remotely manage all infrastructure meaning issues are rectified before the client is even aware of them. Patch Management, Performance Monitoring, Backup Management are examples of the services this highly skilled team of system administrators provide on a daily basis. By providing this unique service by a dedicated service team, we ensure that all of the expertise and infrastructure is available when we need it, and more importantly, when our clients need it.


1. Asset Discovery
2. Patch management
3. CPU saturation
4. Memory saturation
5. Desktop and Server management
6. Active Equipment Power Supply monitoring
7. Backhaul links bandwidth capacity saturation monitors / triggers
8. Backhaul port admin & IP port status monitoring

1. Device availability monitoring
2. Device latency monitoring
3. Device packet loss monitoring
4. Critical links port monitoring
5. Device uptime monitoring
6. Device firmware version monitoring
7. Regular and automatic configuration backup
And more…!


We monitor our client’s systems 24/7, 365 days a year and manage the core and client infrastructure ensuring these systems are operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our team works with you to identify business critical components with a view to enhance business performance and improve efficiencies once identified, we implement custom monitors and automation solutions to ensure business continuity. This level of monitoring offers greater insights into critical areas of the IT infrastructure environment and drives SMART decision making at an operational level but also inform stakeholders where best to direct financial resources when looking at system refresh or remediation.


Our proactive approach to IT infrastructure management allows your business to operate with peace of mind that your systems are compliant, resilient and reliant regardless of demand, ensuring your IT infrastructure is operating at optimal levels and alerting you, in real time when thresholds are about to be breached. This level of proactivity ultimately reduces downtime for your organization whilst maintaining high levels of productivity for teams accessing these IT resources.

Patch Manager Dashboard

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