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Network Firewall

Network Firewall

Businesses cannot afford to choose between security and maintaining a high-performance business infrastructure. It is therefore integral to invest in proven security that will not compromise performance: from deep within internal segments, to physical and virtual data centers, to dynamic cloud environments. At Unitec we deliver an industry leading Firewall Solution with proven security effectiveness and unmatched performance capabilities through one operating system managed within a single pane of glass.

Fortinet Partners in Johannesburg

This consolidated architecture gives you an immediate responsive and intelligent defence against malware and emerging threats with an integrated security fabric that extends across your borderless network. Unitec provides network security appliances which represent the industry’s broadest range of firewall platforms and form the backbone of the enterprise network security infrastructure. Our unique solution enables an immediate, responsive and intelligent defence against malware and emerging threats.

  • Cooperative security fabric: cooperation and sharing of threat intelligence between your firewalls and adjacent security technologies, ultimately helping to quickly detect and remediate against new threats.

  • Industry-leading security effectiveness: a firewall is only as good as how effective it is at detecting threats seen today.

  • Centralised management: A single pane-of-glass to maintain, configure and control your various security policies.

  • Multiple form factors: to address the multi-faceted needs of todays extended organisational infrastructures.

  • High speed security processing: fast enough to be placed in all ingress and egress points within the intranet and extranet of your organisation’s infrastructure.

  • Why Invest? Unitec as Fortinet Partners, underpins the highest technical standards and our commitment, training and deployment of Fortinet Security Fabric solutions.

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