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Learn How Your Business Can Recover Quickly from Any Disaster

Making Sure Your Business Is Ready for Anything

You’ve seen disasters in the news that could be fatal to your business. They range from unforeseen natural disasters — like severe weather, flooding, wildfires, or an earthquake — to man-made disasters like ransomware and simple human error.

You hope it doesn’t happen to you, but hope is not enough. You need a strong business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan to keep your organisation up and running, no matter what. A complete BCDR plan addresses business issues, such as work-at-home contingencies for employees who can’t go into the office, as well as IT issues, such as how to restore inoperable computer systems and prevent business interruption. Otherwise, you risk the loss of sales, loss of customers, and ultimately the loss of your business.

When a server suffers a fatal crash, is compromised in a cyberattack, or burns to a crisp in a fire, you need more than just backup. You need a solution that lets you get back in business quickly. Many businesses can’t hire experienced, dedicated disaster recovery personnel or invest in elaborate off-site recovery facilities. But they can have an effective BCDR process by working with a managed service provider that provides access to a modern, cloud-based BCDR solution — also known as disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Modern BCDR solutions enable very fast restores when compared with traditional backup solutions, partly by taking advantage of DRaaS.

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