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Server and Virtualisation

Server and Virtualisation

Virtualisation has reached market maturity and is now commonplace in most business environments as it can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks. It truly is the single most effective way to reduce IT overhead while boosting efficiency, optimizing resources and simplifying IT. Unitec has extensive experience in desktop, server, storage and network virtualisation solutions. We work with our clients to ensure the benefits sought from choosing virtualisation are evident across the entire organization. We partner with the leading industry vendors to provide the most appropriate virtualisation solution to suit your business objectives.

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Lower physical infrastructure costs: With virtualisation, the need for physical servers and related IT hardware is dramatically reduced, resulting in fewer IT, maintenance and energy costs.

Improved business continuity: This is achieved through improved disaster recovery solutions with quick recovery from unplanned outages.

Enhanced business performance and efficiency: Less time is required for configuration, monitoring, provisioning and maintenance with more time available to focus on the strategic objectives of the business.

Achieve maximum business performance: Based on an assessment of your business structure, Unitec recommends where to target your virtualisation to achieve maximum business impact.

Minimum interruption: Securely back-up and migrate entire virtual environments with no interruption to service.

Unitec system architects and project engineers have a proven track record delivering server, virtualisation and storage solutions across many industry sectors . From stand-alone single server environments to large scale multi-site deployments, Unitec have again and again delivered for our clients. Unitec are Microsoft, Dell, VMware partners and, as such, we always have access to the latest technological advancements, ensuring our clients get the ideal solution to their business requirements.

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